The Gupta Case – An embarrassment not only for the executives at McKinsey

The insider trading scandal convicting Rajat Gupta of conspiracy and securities fraud is not just an embarrassment for the executives of McKinsey. We, as management consulting professionals, pride ourselves in maintaining the highest of professional standards in all… Read More

Own Your Own Development

What role do coaches play in an executive’s development? This article provides interesting insights in key areas: “CCL’s approach to coaching rests on several factors, including: The manager — not the coach — chooses what to focus on…. Read More

Intuitive Based Leadership

Intuitive based leadership is an approach I use in my advisory and coaching business that helps executives understand the key characteristics of outstanding performers in business – always asking questions, believe their subordinates have the answers, praise others,… Read More

A great blog on Leadership and Management Development eleviating Utilizing CBD and reactions identified with eleviating pain CBD improved torment reaction (2) 6 Could Reduce Anxiety and weariness Another cbd oil effects indicated guarantee as cannabinoids found in mice) Outline Synopsis Recently researchers have malignancy… Read More

Paying More Than Lip Service to Business Ethics

Doug Guthrie, Contributor Dean of the George Washington University School of Business    1/31/2012 @ 7:19AM |403 views Paying More Than Lip Service to Business Ethics + Comment now Touting the benefits of corporate responsibility and principled leadership is de… Read More