Being a Developmental Manager

Source: Great Leadership

How to Pick and Stick to Career Goals

I always admired “kids”, MBA students as well as my own, who knew exactly what they wanted career-wise. I sure didn’t and sort of fell into consulting by being transferred around to different posts with Citibank. I finally… Read More

Own Your Own Development

What role do coaches play in an executive’s development? This article provides interesting insights in key areas: “CCL’s approach to coaching rests on several factors, including: The manager — not the coach — chooses what to focus on…. Read More

Boundary Spanning in Action

Align group boundaries to identify new ways to resolve business issueS! “The Team Charter Off-Site is a tactic we use and recommend for setting out a team’s uniqueness and direction (a buffering tactic, if you’re familiar with our… Read More

The Economic Roots of Your Life Crisis

This is a terrific blog on seemingly everyone’s midlife business crisis, what really matters in the new corporate reality, what you can take control of to avoid crisis.  It’s very insightful and discusses how instructions of today and… Read More

6 Ways Leaders Are Different

The philosophies outlined in the book By Mark Miller, Co-author of Great Leaders Grow: Becoming a Leader for Life are very consistent with what I’ve learned over the years and apply in my coaching/consulting practice. Here are some of the main… Read More

How to Balance Your Life

Interesting perspective from the Center for Creative Leadership on making your life work. Focus on three factors to start your self analysis: 1. Do you separate your roles or allow constant interruptions? 2. What level of intensity do… Read More

Intuitive Based Leadership

Intuitive based leadership is an approach I use in my advisory and coaching business that helps executives understand the key characteristics of outstanding performers in business – always asking questions, believe their subordinates have the answers, praise others,… Read More

The Millennials Will Shape Our World

It always amazes me how The Millenials can seem to be in multiple environments at the same time.  They handle tasks quickly, efficiently, gain access to the information they need to take decisions and just do it! And… Read More

Meeting in person is just about always best!

I have always opted for in person meetings rather than telephone or emails. How impersonal all those other means are. Nothing beats looking someone in the eye to dialogue, to do business to give good news or to… Read More