7 Future Forces Not to be Ignored

From futurist Bob Johansen….. Two new forces — what Johansen calls “known unknowns” — will play out in the next 10 years: digital natives and cloud-served supercomputing. Both are obvious and yet “wildly unpredictable.” Digital natives — those 16-years-old or younger… Read More

Being a Developmental Manager

Source: Great Leadership

How to Pick and Stick to Career Goals

I always admired “kids”, MBA students as well as my own, who knew exactly what they wanted career-wise. I sure didn’t and sort of fell into consulting by being transferred around to different posts with Citibank. I finally… Read More

The Steve Jobs Way

My alma mater Booz & Co. publishes an interesting dissection of Jobs as a leader. I think he was a once in a century type of leader who didn’t have to learn any leadership theory or management principles…. Read More

The Five Personalities of Innovators: Which One Are You?

An interesting article in innovation. “No one group can be considered the purest “entrepreneurial group,” but Movers and Shakers and Experimenters may be the closest. They have the strongest tendency to be internally driven, in control and bridle… Read More

The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs

Walter Isaaccson, author of the best selling biography on Steve Jobs reacts to how many readers have focused on the rough side of Job’s personality.  In this update, he focuses on the real leadership lessons we can all… Read More

Own Your Own Development

What role do coaches play in an executive’s development? This article provides interesting insights in key areas: “CCL’s approach to coaching rests on several factors, including: The manager — not the coach — chooses what to focus on…. Read More

The Economic Roots of Your Life Crisis

This is a terrific blog on seemingly everyone’s midlife business crisis, what really matters in the new corporate reality, what you can take control of to avoid crisis.  It’s very insightful and discusses how instructions of today and… Read More

6 Ways Leaders Are Different

The philosophies outlined in the book By Mark Miller, Co-author of Great Leaders Grow: Becoming a Leader for Life are very consistent with what I’ve learned over the years and apply in my coaching/consulting practice. Here are some of the main… Read More

How to Balance Your Life

Interesting perspective from the Center for Creative Leadership on making your life work. Focus on three factors to start your self analysis: 1. Do you separate your roles or allow constant interruptions? 2. What level of intensity do… Read More