The negative effects of criticism

Criticism does not just have a negative and lasting impact when it comes to reviews of actors. The same impact is felt in the business world as well. How can leaders expect to get the best out of… Read More

Get the most out of executive coaching

Well thought out tips for someone considering hiring an executive coach. The process is very participative. It’s not a cakewalk but the rewards could be the difference between success and mediocrity. Get The Most Out of Executive Coaching… Read More

What is executive coaching about?

Coaching is about “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”  This is the essence of the relationship.   I feel strongly that everyone has the answers… Read More

5 Management Lessons From , Yup, Gardening!!!

It never ceases to amaze me where and how lesson are learned. In this article, the author compares growing plants with growing a successful business through people and gives pointers on how to do it!!! Source: Forbes

7 Future Forces Not to be Ignored

From futurist Bob Johansen….. Two new forces — what Johansen calls “known unknowns” — will play out in the next 10 years: digital natives and cloud-served supercomputing. Both are obvious and yet “wildly unpredictable.” Digital natives — those 16-years-old or younger… Read More

Being a Developmental Manager

Source: Great Leadership

How to Pick and Stick to Career Goals

I always admired “kids”, MBA students as well as my own, who knew exactly what they wanted career-wise. I sure didn’t and sort of fell into consulting by being transferred around to different posts with Citibank. I finally… Read More

The Five Personalities of Innovators: Which One Are You?

An interesting article in innovation. “No one group can be considered the purest “entrepreneurial group,” but Movers and Shakers and Experimenters may be the closest. They have the strongest tendency to be internally driven, in control and bridle… Read More

The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs

Walter Isaaccson, author of the best selling biography on Steve Jobs reacts to how many readers have focused on the rough side of Job’s personality.  In this update, he focuses on the real leadership lessons we can all… Read More

Boundary Spanning in Action

Align group boundaries to identify new ways to resolve business issueS! “The Team Charter Off-Site is a tactic we use and recommend for setting out a team’s uniqueness and direction (a buffering tactic, if you’re familiar with our… Read More