One on One Executive Coaching

We offer flexible programs with the sole objective of improving executive performance in all respects.   Our one on one coaching is holistically designed to achieve peak performance on a continual basis as well as deal with issues that are urgent and pressing.  We use a unique value-oriented questioning style to help the executive develop insights and solutions as well as learn to become a more effective leader.

We set up regular meetings, frequently on a weekly basis, that are conducted in person on via telephone. The first session will take place, preferably in person, in your office or another designated quiet location. In that session we will establish goals, issues, desired outcomes, assessments required, and measurements for success. Goals can be set in any area of performance or achievement. What is important is that the coaching relationship is targeted to meet the needs of the executive. On an ongoing basis we would revisit the goals to assess progress and make changes as needed.  We would work with an executive ideally for a minimum number of weekly sessions depending on the need. Following the session we will email the executive notes giving an overview of what was discussed, what was agreed, actions, next steps and any other pertinent information such as reading material or exercises.

The subject matter is entirely up to the executive. We frequently see topics change as conditions change and as the executive progresses week to week has he/she gains proficiency.  Below are some areas that others have chosen to discuss.

  • Change Management
  • Work Life Balance
  • Leadership style
  • Communication
  • Personnel issues
  • Time Management

Specific issues of the moment. This is not an inclusive list and is likely to change somewhat regularly to reflect the dynamic nature of the executive and his/her business.